My Story

Do I define myself as an artist, or someone who is crafty?  Do I identify myself as a wife and mother?  Perhaps I am a school and community volunteer or a freelance tutor and editor.  I might be a collector or hoarder.  I have things.  I like to organize them, maybe that’s a problem.  I like to cook; I like to host parties; I like to socialize.  I like to make things.   I create. 

I am in a family.  I’m a friend. I’m in a book club.  I am on a committee.  I live in a small town in the home I grew up in.  My daughters go to the same schools I went to.   How did we get back to exactly where we started from? 

I will write about my creative endeavors, my artistic dabbling, and the art I see.  I will share art, food, & friends; craft, coffee, & conversation; wisdom, wine, & my perspective from a small town.

For a look at one of my many collections - passed down from my mom - take a look at my other blog Postcards etc.

About my collage--
I create my mixed media collages in an 1890’s one room school house. I am moved by the history encompassed in the building, and the stories within the antique elements I often use in my work. Paint and paper create a backdrop for found images and words. I add bits of old hardware or vintage buttons and other metal scraps to give each piece a truly unique feel. I am inspired by images found in vintage postcards, stamps, book pages, and advertisements. Drawn to words that evoke a feeling or emotion, I look for quotations that make me think. I try to blend these elements into a visually pleasing piece of art-

I look at collage as an expression of ideas, a merging of images, colors and words to create a feeling. No two pieces will ever be alike. Each mixed media collage is really individual – a one of a kind-

available at The Purple Poppy; Lafayette, Colorado