Friday, February 4, 2011

Artist - Matthew Doubek (part 2)

This week I told you about local artist Matt Doubek.  I couldn't fit all I wanted to share into one post, so here's more on Matt.
(Photo courtesy Matt Doubek - from his facebook page.)
Matt's art encompasses painting, drawing, graphics, illustration, and collage.  He utilizes satire, whimsy and skill into his pieces. 

A work in progress for Every Good Cowboy (show at the Pirate Gallery)
 Not only does he make art for the walls, he makes creative installations and furniture items as we.  You can see this table as part of an installation at the Denver Art Museum's interactive display on the second floor. 

My girls were excited to see Matt's work at a recent trip to the Denver Art Museum.
 "His work is famous!"
Along with his friend and fellow artist Sam Mobley, Matt is opening a two man show of their take on Western Art.  It's sure to be filled with humor, whimsy and fun, along with great talent and skill.  To view more of Matt's work, check out the Pirate Gallery in Denver this month. 
The elusive Western Jackalope, photo courtesy Matt Doubek
(Oh - if you're looking for my Friday recipe, it will be posted later today)

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