Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Bits of rust and other things...

Some bits and pieces from my studio...

I found this box of old springs and coils when I was helping my family clean out my Grandpa's "stuff."  It was several years ago - long before my itch to collage started.  I am not sure why, but I said, "I'll take that."  I got some funny looks from the family.  I am not sure why he saved them; maybe he had the same collecting gene that I have.

This tray of rusty bits came from my uncle. I KNOW he shares the same collecting gene that I have.  The little pieces of old hardware had been removed from their useful places, they may  have been discarded, perhaps replaced.  My uncle, tossed them all together - On my last visit, I commented on how useful they could be... and they were mine.  I don't think he had a predesignated home for these little bits of rust. 

All these pieces are finding new homes...look here for a good example of how I put this refuse to good use.  I am so glad to have these strange little treasures.

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