Thursday, July 21, 2011

Hearts on a Hike

Last week the girls and I went on a hike.  We went to one of my favorite hiking places, Marshall Mesa Trail.  It's a fairly easy, scenic trail head about 20 minutes from our house.  When we're hiking, we look for things, flowers, birds, and animals.  Just for fun, I suggested we look for hearts.  (inspired by another blogger - who posts Random Hearts - I told my girls that we should take photos of all the hearts we see).  A fairly odd thing to look for, but you would be amazed... I am not sure if we see what we want to see or if they are always there.  Call me crazy if you want, but this is what we found that day. (Be prepared - this is a photo heavy post)

 We spent a few minutes making hearts - and then looking for them. I was surprised at how many hearts we actually found on our hike. We looked for hearts in the rock, leaves, shadows, flowers, and sky.

Petal hearts fallen from this wild rose.
Look at the top of this mal-formed flower.

The sightings didn't stop there.
Shadow heart.
Lots of hearts in the rocks.
Graffiti heart in the sandstone.

Lichen heart on a rock.
Look between the girls, a heart worn away in the sandstone.
Take a closer look at that heart.
Worn away in the sandstone.

We found too many rocks and pebbles on the trail - here is just a sampling:
And finally, a heart shaped pool or water as we end our hike.
So, we found some hearts on a hike.  A little cheesy, yes.  A little silly, yes.  But, the proof is in the pictures.


  1. What a wonderful series of hearts! It is amazing how many hearts we find when we look for them.

  2. You found so many, good for you!

  3. wow. Very beautiful heart finds.
    Thank you for sharing.

  4. Silly? NO! Cheesy? ABSOLUTELY NOT!

    Sweet? YES - DEFINITELY!!!

    I love it that your daughters helped you find hearts. I especially LOVE the worn away sandstone heart framed between your beautiful girls!!!