Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Blank Canvases

It occurred to me that the name of my blog is art + food + friends.  I haven't talked a lot about art lately.  Er, I haven't talked about my art, lately.  Reason #1: my studio is cold.  That little one room, standing in my back yard, can get pretty darn cold in the winter.  Reason #2:  the holidays sucked up all my time and energy.  Ok, those are excuses.  Maybe even good excuses, but excuses nonetheless.
I have been sneaking time in my studio when I can find a glimmer of a warm-ish afternoon and crank up the space heaters. 
5 x 7 canvas, with woman theme - assembled from inchies. 
I want to add the right quote or word or element in the space above the bottom row. 
I have a gazillion ideas but I  have started on 3 or 4  6 or 7 canvases.  They are still "blank" canvases.  I have a background, I may even have some elements, but they are not finished.  They are all in progress.  I am waiting to find the right word or quotation or element or image to make these come together.

5 x 7 a Cheery canvas, background made from paper inchies
Looking for the right kistchy image and quote
Just to give you a peek, so you'll really believe that I do work on my own art, here's what I've got.
8 x 10 assembled from black and white inchies of various papers.
 I will keep you posted as these canvases evolve.  I hope to get some more time in the studio - but the forecast isn't looking good.

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