Monday, January 17, 2011


I am not good at making New Year's Resolutions.  Or should I say, I am not good at keeping New Year's Resolutions.  I suppose I am like most of the crowd in that way.
I like to take a different approach.  Make lots of them, then there's a chance that I will meet some of them.  I took this approach with my friend Kerry several years ago.  We made 30 resolutions, together.  I think that we kept most of them.  Well, truth be told, most of them were easy - many even silly.  But actually it was fun to make the list and have something to shoot for - even if it was silly. 
Maybe I will take a more serious approach - ok, somewhat serious approach as I compile a long list of things I want to do this year.
In the year 2011, I want to:
  1. make more artwork.
  2. hang some of my own art in my home.
  3. try new and different recipes to expand my cooking horizons.
  4. eat less cheese.
  5. exercise on a regular basis - and not get frustrated with the scale.
  6. sew some things to use in my home.
  7. drink less wine.
  8. use up some of the art supplies and fabrics left from our business.
  9. be positive.
  10. have my daughters do some art projects in the studio.
  11. use the things I sew on a more regular basis.
  12. not argue with my daughters about the little things.
  13. not complain about doing the laundry.
  14. find a way to take calories out of cheese.
  15. be kind.
  16. spend less time on the computer.
  17. spend more time in the studio.
  18. save money by not shopping.
  19. get better at taking, posting and/ or printing photographs of my family.
  20. eat more good cheese.
  21. find great deals by shopping the sales.
  22. send more letters and cards, in the MAIL, to the people I care about.
  23. make the cards I send and use.
  24. spend more time with extended family.
  25. spend more time with special friends.
  26. put art into my daily life.
  27. be grateful.
  28. use special things, everyday.
  29. share art.
  30. drink more wine.
  31. walk with friends often.
  32. gracefully handle the fact that I have a middle school aged child.
  33. travel.
  34. appreciate the people and things around me. And tell them.
  35. sell at least one piece of art.
Ok, so it is not a lofty list.  But if I do these things I will improve the quality of my life.  I could also improve the quality of life for my family.  It is not lofty, but it is meaningful.  Isn't that what a resolution should do: be meaningful and improve your life or the life of another? 
So, my goal is to make my world - and that of my family and friends - a kinder, gentler, more artful place.
Happy New Year!

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  1. I love this list! Some of these should definately be on my list....if I had one.

    And if you could take the calories out of cheese, I'd be forever grateful!