Sunday, January 16, 2011

Sunday Sculpture Series

Named Matriarchal Moon, This sculpture suggests dance, celebration and natural harmony. 

This nighttime shot captures the bright colors used on Matriarchal Moon.  Photo courtesy of C.A. Crandall.
This kinetic steel sculpture spins 15 feet above the ground, presenting a colorful moon for all to see.  Sculptor Reven Swanson hopes to speak for the universal woman and show a balance of the instinctual and modern day woman in this whimsical sculpture. 

Measuring 15'6" x 9'5" x 5', this steel sculpture weighs 50 pounds.

A daytime shot of Matriarchal Moon.
You may see Matriarchal Moon in person at the back of Festival Plaza, located at Public and Chester Roads in Old Town Lafayette.  This is one of 12 sculptures installed as part of the Art on the Street Sculpture Walk.  This work is available for purchase for $9,000.

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