Monday, March 14, 2011

Collage - Vision

This collage is made on a square, flat canvas.  I used a vintage advertisement, antique buttons, an assortment of letters, paint and papers to create the collage.  The glasses are a rub-on. 
I used the same herringbone tissue paper on all the sides of the collage.  The paper was difficult to work with, as tissue paper tears quite easily.  The strange blot at the top happened after I had assembled the piece, and was not intentional.  But, I didn't mind the effect.  The aqua coming through the upper right and lower left is remnants of what I had started before.  I didn't like my initial start and went in a completely opposite direction.  I think the turquoise coming through is a happy error - I like the bit of color.  With this piece, I went with some mistakes and liked the end result.
I have started top-coating all my collages with a clear top coat in satin, or flat.  I like how the top coat offers some smoothness to the multiple layers of the collage. 

The quote is:
After all, tomorrow is another day.

This collage available at The Purple Poppy in Lafayette, Colordao.

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