Sunday, March 6, 2011

Sunday Sculpture Series

(photo courtesy C.A. Crandall)
This functional sculpture, Great Blue Heron, was built by James G. Moore.  It s a bronze, stone and welded steel bell.  The piece weighs 3325 lbs. and stands 8 feet tall.  Moore's work blends a love nature, people and world cultures.  He enjoys making sculptures that appeal to the utility of craft but are fine in form, as well.  This bell is so beautiful.  it has great detail on both sides, depicting a great blue heron, a frog and other wild life.  The tone of the bell, when chimed, is deep and soothing.  The piece has great presence and sits on the south east corner of Festival Plaza at the intersection of Chester and Public in Old Town Lafayette. 
Part of the Art on the Street Sculpture walk, this piece and the other 11 in the collection will be on display until the end of May, when they are returned to the respective artists, or purchased by some lucky art patron.  In early June, the Lafayette Public Art Committee will install 16 new sculptures as part of our art on loan program.  For more information, or to purchase this sculpture ($18,150), check out the Art on the Street page at the city's website.

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