Monday, May 2, 2011

Collage - Have Heart

Art Chix Studios is hosting a recycled art challenge on facebook - the deadline is today.  I thought I would put something together to enter in their challenge.  Then, I started looking at the pieces I had recently made.  Most of my art has at least one recycled component, usually more than one. One of my most recent collages- Have Heart, is a perfect example.

The chimney is made from a discarded clothes pin hinge.  I built the wood box, behind the canvas, with scrap wood from our shed.  The paper covering the house is a wrapper from a fine bottle of liquor - a friend gave me the wrapper, not the bottle, because he knew I liked interesting papers. (too bad I didn't get the bottle also!)

The "H" is from a yard sale scrabble game.   The foam core, that forms the house are scraps left over from my daughter's school project. The old buttons are from the button jar. The roof paper and the floral in the background are scraps from my paper box.

"Where there is love, there is life."

All in all, not bad for a piece of "recycled" art.


  1. "Not bad" you say? Hah! It's wonderful! I love the way you used so many found objects/papers to make such beautiful artwork. Nothing would seem to go together at first, yet you've created a very cohesive piece that is more than just "recycled art".

    And look ... it has a heart!!!
    You Know that's my favorite part!!!

  2. I'm visiting from Creative Everyday and I really like your piece.

    I love the idea of using found objects to make art. However that makes it harder for me to through anything out, as I feel that it might be useful in the future in some way.

    Let us know how the challenge goes!

  3. If not bad is code for "wickedly awesome" I wholeheartedly agree! I found this to be beautiful and inspiring at the same time because I'd have such a hard time trying to figure out what to do with anything you just listed.