Thursday, April 7, 2011

Best Heart Forward

An earlier collage - using an foam core heart covered in handmade paper and wrapped in wire.  Mounted on a painted canvas with a flash card and assorted words. I framed this one as I was looking for a solution to make the flat canvases more finished. 
I really don't think it's the best solution.  I am in the process of "building boxes" to mount all of my canvases on.  Boy, that sounds so impressive, really I am just cutting scrapwood to fit and gluing on the back to create an illusion of a true box.  Then, I finish the edges of the wood with paint or paper.  I will mount this one on a box soon and show you photos soon. Then you can be the judge.
Regardless, I like the sentiment on this one.  I like the use of lots of words.  This one is small, 5x7, so it didn't need much more.  When I re-work it, I will post a photo.
In the meantime I have been madly building boxes and finishing my canvases with extra special details.  I have a exciting news, but I don't want to jinx it by talking too soon.  I will keep you posted.


  1. My favorite so far!


  2. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous! I love it!

    Just to clear it up ... women who use power tools ARE IMPRESSIVE!!! Especially when beautiful art is involved!

    I'm so glad you linked this stunning he'art' with Guest Heart Thursday.

  3. Beautiful, I really like the texture the wire adds.