Monday, April 4, 2011

Collage - Really

This collage seemed to develop fairly quickly.  The colors screamed of spring.
The orange and blue stripes are a printed tissue paper over a printed floral paper - I love how the flowers show through.  The quote and image of the two on the motorcycle seem to relate to each other - somehow. 

The key is a rub-on transfer, the text from a book of poetry, the ticket is one of those pesky ones that says "Keep this Coupon"  I never throw them away.
This one may be busier than some of my others - but I see the harmonious aspects, as well.  The lines of in the upper left mimic the lines of the sheet music.  The color palette is somewhat limited and focused.  Repetitive shapes and colors keep it grounded.  The image and variety of letters and elements keep it whimsical.  And the words, so true:

"It is not fair to ask of others
what you are not willing to do yourself."


This collage now available at The Purple Poppy in Lafayette, Colorado.


  1. beautiful. I love how you incorporated the ticket into the collage. I have always thrown mine away. I think I will save them now!

    My Check In for CED this week.

  2. I had a whole role of those tickets for months now and never did a project where I used one - they were making me feel guilty so I tore off about 10 of them and gave the roll away to someone doing a raffle! I like your collage - I always mess up the rub on transfers.

  3. Beautiful - I love the colour scheme, the variety of interesting components and the words.

    Kat :-)