Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Rachel Hanson collage at The Purple Poppy

I am so excited - I am nearly bursting at the seams!
Rachel Hanson collage is now available at The Purple Poppy!

Rachel Hanson colleges, hung on the walls of The Purple Poppy.
 I have been making my collages with no real outlet, save the walls of my own studio.  While the creation is somewhat fulfilling on its own, when Angie, the proprietress of The Purple Poppy, asked to hang my work at her fabulous store, I was so excited!  (full disclosure, yes, Angie is my friend, but I have never pressured her to carry my work, in fact, I am not even sure I asked her to. I did write about the store last fall; you may remember this blog post.) 
So, I spent last week adding minor details to seven of my collages.  I put hangers on the back, and secret details, too.  She requested an artist statement.  That's a nerve wracking task, what to say about oneself.  Then I turned that into a collage, too.

On Friday, I delivered.  She hung the work.  I must say, it looks great!
So if you're local, stop by and take a look. Say hello to Angie or Kerry. Take a moment to shop; The Purple Poppy has fabulous things: art, furniture, home accessories, jewelry, gifts, and lots of unique items.  While you're there take a look at my work, too.  I hope you enjoy. 
(You can find The Purple Poppy at the SW corner of Arapaho Road and 95th St in Lafayette, CO)
And now, I can return to the studio and make some more collages.

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