Thursday, October 21, 2010

Late Harvest

I am an aspiring gardener.  I love to grow flowers, herbs and vegetables.  That being said, I really want a garden that takes care of itself.  Therein lies the problem.  While I strive for a beautiful perennial garden of native blooming plants, invasive weeds keep returning.  While I love the bright colors of annuals, they need lots of water.  And although I love fresh fruits, vegetables and herbs, my steam for tending them runs out some time in mid-summer.  It's a problem.

My late harvest, tomatoes and peppers from our  modest garden.
 Thankfully, some plants persevere.  Our strawberries continue to grow and spread even thought they are the repeated victims of the squirrels' digging.  The tomato plants, well cared for in the early months, continued to produce plenty of delicious fruits.  We also had basil, spinach, rainbow chard, greens, green beans and a variety of peppers.  And, though I didn't plant it, we are waiting on one "volunteer" pumpkin to ripen up in time for Halloween.  Now, the weather is cooling, and we are awaiting our first frost.  The garden is done for the year.

So, thank you little garden, for providing just enough for me to call myself a gardener.  Maybe next year I will tend you more.  And you, in turn, will provide more.  Until next year...

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