Thursday, October 28, 2010

Project - Scary Centerpieces

Today's daily double is...............A Skull Centerpiece.  Project after project, recipe after recipe, that is what this season is about. 

This project was adapted from one I saw on Martha Stewart.  She puts her elegant glittered skulls under glass.  I have given it my own creepy twist, making creepy centerpieces with gross skulls and crawly creatures.  With a little hot glue, and some ghoulish imagination, the results can be stunning.

Glass cake plate or large vase
1 bag Spanish moss
1 block green florist foam (optional)
1 fake skull
Assorted small bones
Assorted plastic bugs
Dry or fake leaves
Hot glue gun and glue sticks

  • Glue the foam block on the cake plate. 
  • Cover the foam with the moss, using hot glue.
  • If using a vase, fill the vase with the moss (no glue, no foam needed)
  • Arrange the skull, bones and leaves randomly around the moss.  Attach with glue if needed.
  • Use hot glue to attach additional spiders and bugs to the outside of the glass vase or cake dome.  Hot glue can be removed from glass easily.
  • I usually make several of these to place around the house for Halloween parties.
  • You can remove the arrangement from the glass and store in a large ziploc if you want to use them from year to year.

Halloween is nearly here, and soon the decorations will come down.  What will I do next?  Look for me to post my first attempt at hand rolled chocolate truffles and kale chips.  I wonder how those will turn out (separately, not together!)
Enjoy your Halloween!

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