Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Art Every Day - Day 17

letter C letter r letter e
a letter T letter E
letter A letter R letter T

Find creative letters on Spell with flickr

For my Art Every Day month post I decided to post someone else's creative idea - but it's one that I use to spark my creativity and may inspire you, too.

Uses: print and use in collage, make a card, send a message, use in a blog, send a letter, make a sign, use for a name plaque, spell your name, spell your kids' names, send in an email,

Best things about it: it's free, it's eclectic, there are endless possibilities and combinations.


  1. I like this idea with the endless possibilities it offers, and I like what you spelled out.

  2. That is a creative idea, cool!

  3. this is so well captured - excellent

  4. Great idea - thank you for the inspiration. It makes me want to make my own pieces of letter art.

    Thanks for visiting my blog. It's good to discover you via this wonderful aedm2010 experience. I've met so many inspirational people - it's fab.

    Kat :-)