Monday, November 15, 2010

Creative Every Day

I strive to be creative every day.  I do this with my cooking, my home, my family, my art.  I even try to devote time every day (even if it is just a half hour) to making some art.  I have been following the Creative Every Day blog  and have wanted to hop on board... until now, I have been too busy to take time to write about it... and some days too busy to be creative.  But, here on day 15 of Creative Every Day Month, I am joining the movement.
So here is today's creativity.  A brief stint in the studio to work on some inchies:

Inchies, in progress.  Some are easy to complete,
others are waiting for the right word or detail to be finished.

These ones are done, I think. 
They will someday be part of a bigger collage or maybe a card. 

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