Monday, November 29, 2010

Sunday Sculpture Series

(Yes, I know, I am a day late.  Better late than never!)

This beautiful sculpture named Liv, was created by local artist Arabella Tattershall.  It is created from copper coated steel and stands 4'6" tall with a bottom diameter of 4'.  The pieces is designed with the intention of allowing plants to wind their way in and out of the open weave gown towards the leafy bodice of the dress.
Tattershall says of her work, "I am enamored with leaves. They keep falling into my pieces, as they would from a tree, and I accept their gifts of seasonal engagement in the guises of frailty, tenacity, color and shape."  
This piece sits in front of Embellishments, a boutique at 611 S. Public Road.  It is a nice complement to the 2010 Art on the Street Sculpture walk.  This pieces is available for purchase for $7,500.

(posted as part of Art Everyday Month)

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