Sunday, November 21, 2010

Sunday Sculpture Series - Art Every Day #21

Ayse, by Belgin Yucelen (photo by C. A. Crandall)

This piece is a cast sand resin sculpture by Belgin Yucelen.  Ayse weighs 200 pounds and measures 3' x 2' x 3'4".  It is installed along Public Road in Old Town Lafayette, just south of Simpson Street.  She sits in the gardens in front of the Metro Brokers.
I like this larger than life quality that she embodies in this woman.  In her figurative work, Yucelen aims to reveal the beauty and the perfection of the human form. Her art is meant to stimulate the viewer’s imagination and reveal the peacefulness and the purity of the sculpture through the beauty of a woman’s body as it is created.
Old town Lafayette is a perfect place to celebrate Art Every Day.  There are 12 sculpture on loan installed in our sculpture walk as well as 5 additional permanent installations.  A brief stroll down Public Road will be sure to get your artistic ideas flowing.  In addition to the public art, there are several art galleries and antique shops.
For more information about Lafayette's Art on the Street Sculpture Walk, visit the city's website.  This work is available for purchase for $8,800.
Lafayette is a great place to be to celebrate art!

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