Monday, November 22, 2010

Time and again - Art Every Day - Day 22

This collage is the companion to this one, called Endless Possibilities.  I paired them as companions because I worked in a similar style, with similar elements, and similar colors.  But I like this one so much better.  The words seem to resonate with me more than the words on the other one.  I love the element of time in this one, and the eager little girl towards the bottom of the piece.  I added the layer of meshy paper and miniature clothespins at the top.  I may continue to add to this one by adding some metal elements and maybe even clip something into the clothespins.  Any ideas of how to complete this one?  Sometimes I don't know when I am done.  Does anyone else have that problem?

(This post is part of Art Every Day Month.  I am so happy I signed up.  It has pushed me to work on art, or at least think about art for at least a small moment each day.)

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