Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Shop Local - Support Small Business

Get creative!  Give creative! Shop Local!
We all know that we are supposed to "shop local."  There are many reasons to shop local - you support the tax base in your own community, you potentially support a small business owner, you can find local goods at local stores, you can reduce your carbon footprint, you can find unique items that aren't available at big box stores, and you can buy from local artisans.  Be a little more creative in your gift giving this year. 

Purple Poppy

There is even a national movement called Small Business Saturday, which has been designated as Saturday, November 27.  It's sponsored by American Express and hopefully will give support to small businesses nationwide.  I think it's a great idea.  Shop at small businesses this Saturday, but also shop at small businesses on Black Friday and next Tuesday and the following Thursday.  Don't stop!

You can take things a bit further and also commit to shop small businesses on-line, as well, instead of the big websites. Look at craft sites, like Etsy.  Or find small businesses to order from for your holiday gift giving.  There are plenty of companies on-line that are not mega-stores.  For interesting and unique gifts for pool players, check out Lafayette's Pool Dawg.  They not only have gifts for billiard lovers, but also for dart players and poker players.  A further look at their site and you will find game room furniture, lamps, game room wall art and clocks and even a few good thematic movies.  This on-line only, local store has a lot to offer.
Indulge Bakery

If you live in or around Lafayette, Colorado,  you should know that Lafayette is a great place to shop.  At first glance, you may not see all that Lafayette has to offer.  You can find gifts, home accessories and art at Purple Poppy, Timbalier, and Embellishments.  You can find jewelry and fine art at Particulars.  There are great flowers, plants and gifts at the Lafayette Florist.  You can find antiques at Jeri's Antiques and Noble Treasures.  You can stop for coffee at Cannon Mine or Mojo.  To satisfy your sweet tooth stop in Indulge for cakes and pastries or you can get hot chocolate or ice cream at Eats and Sweets, on Festival Plaza.  Hanna's sells sandwiches and delicious dinners to go. You can get lunch at Zamparalli, Pinnochio, Tutti, Martino's, Smash Burger, or Efrain's. 

There are plenty of events around the holidays, as well.  Check out the city's Events listings.

Where can you shop or eat in your town?  Do you have small businesses you can support?  Think outside the box, think away from the national chains.  Get creative with your gift giving.  There are many options to make your holiday gift giving much more interesting this year.

(and just in case you were wondering... this is not a paid advertisement.  Just a little PSA to do my part in my small town...I like my town)


  1. I love small town Colorado! I used to live in the Fort Collins/Loveland area and really miss it at times!

  2. Unfortunately, the American Express deal is not valid for online companies.